Meet the team and learn how they connect to HIPPY through their own personal experiences.

Nicole “Nikki” Martin-Bynum
National Program Director

Growing up, I cherish the memories of family vacations, which often involved long car rides. Although the destinations are hazy in my memory, the laughter and joy shared in the car, the rest stops, and the various hotels/restaurants along the interstate remain vivid. Particularly, my mother’s talent for weaving education into every experience remains a standout.

These experiences taught me that the strength of family ties is rooted in spending quality time together, and much like HIPPY, learning can occur anywhere, but it begins with family.



Terri Meehan

Growth and Training Manager

“My journey started in the great outdoors, where every tree branch and patch of grass was my playground and teacher. Those childhood adventures instilled in me a deep love for learning and a curiosity about the world. It’s what led me to early childhood education. Today, I’m dedicated to creating enriching experiences that ignite curiosity and lifelong learning in others and to lifting communities, one family at a time.”




Carla Mowell

National Training Director

Books were my constant companion as a child, and I still can’t think of a better way to spend a few hours than laying in a hammock with my nose in a book. My HIPPY journey reflects my endless curiosity and lifelong dedication to learning. My greatest work joys have been witnessing that spark of curiosity and learning ignited in the home visitors, parents and children that we serve.






Shaqula Parks

Program Support

A childhood dream turned into reality! My childhood dream was always to help children. From being a school teacher, to being a social worker, to becoming a childcare professional, children was always the focus. Family time was the best time to begin my journey as children were always a family jewel and the highlight of the family. Being apart of HIPPY helps reenergize my dreams as I continue to help children around me.